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Supporting Offshore Wind Deployment and Grid Connection in APEC Region

COVER_223_RE_Supporting Offshore WinGrid Connection in APEC Region 1
Published Date September 2023
Type of Publication Reports
Publication Under SOM Steering Committee on Economic and Technical Cooperation (SCE), Energy Working Group (EWG)
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Pages 185
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A large part of decarbonization processes require a shift away from fossil fuels to renewable resources of electricity generation. Following the success in Europe, the APEC economies have been examining the ways accelerate this transition through promoting offshore wind (OSW) energy resources. Many APEC economies have formulated relevant policies, set the plans, defined the regulatory frameworks, utilizing more market-based approach to scale up harnessing OSW energy resources. Power grid connection is among key drivers in determining the success of an OSW project, and as such, it is among the focus of the study. This study report provides review and compressive analysis of the experience in OSW development and grid connection in China; Korea; Japan; Chinese Taipei; the United States; and Viet Nam. For each selected economy, the first section focuses on the energy sector policies and its regulatory mechanisms in relation to OSW development. The second section assesses the development procedure and the stakeholder engagement for OSW project. The third section reviews and describes the technical aspects of power grid connection of OSW farms to the transmission and distribution network. The final section is related to the business cases for the OSW development. A summary of key challenges and recommendations are provided for the member economy to effectively promote and accelerate the OSW development in the region.