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Study on Strategy to Promote the Utilization of the APEC Trade Repository

Cover_223_MAG_Study on Strategy to Promote the Utilization of the APEC Trade Repository
Published Date May 2023
Type of Publication Reports
Publication Under Market Access Group (MAG)
Accessed 589
Pages 37
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  • Economies already have an effort to promote the APEC TR, but lack of quality promotional material, if there are promotional material concepts that economies can use in the future, it will help economies to promote APEC TR.
  • Infographics and video infographics are still seen as effective materials for communicating APEC TR.
  • Apparently, promotional material content must accommodate important information needs, that contains information, at least as follow: (1) Tariff, (2) Rate, & (3) Regulation
  • It’s important to communicate the step to utilize the APEC TR in promotional material
  • Consider organic traffic as a first step and then paid traffic can become an option (i.e., boosting posts through Facebook or Instagram Ads), in other words, paid traffic can be used occasionally as a supporting step.
  • When the audience is interested in the promotional materials conveyed, and then visits APEC TR, perhaps, further efforts are needed to improve important aspects of the APEC TR website, not only related to contents, but also related to aesthetics (colour, layout, and design) and ease of use (navigation, menus, and responsiveness).