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APEC FinTech Scoping Study

Cover_223_EC_APEC FinTech Scoping Study
Published Date March 2023
Type of Publication Reports
Publication Under Economic Committee (EC)
Accessed 1042
Pages 102
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Given the critical importance of financial technology or fintech to economic prosperity, and building on an earlier study on APEC Financial Services, this scoping study aims to provide: (i) a typology of fintech firms in APEC to demonstrate the rich variety of approaches and services in the region; (ii) an overview of policies and regulations that are foundational and enabling to growth of the sector; and (iii) an assessment of fintech activity in APEC (based on volume of digital transactions) and potential linkages between the strength of an economy’s policy environment, the level of its activity, and its progress towards achieving socioeconomic development outcomes. Findings from the scoping study seek to provide APEC with a resource to plan strategies and activities to promote and accelerate fintech growth and innovation in the region.