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APEC Workshop on District Cooling and/or Heating Systems

Cover_223_EWG_APEC Workshop on District Cooling and-or Heating Systems
Published Date January 2023
Type of Publication Proceedings
Publication Under SOM Steering Committee on Economic and Technical Cooperation (SCE), Energy Working Group (EWG)
Accessed 236
Pages 27
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A district cooling and/or heating system (DCHS) distributes cooling and/or heating capacity in the form of chilled water or another medium from a central source to multiple buildings through a network of underground pipes. The project aimed to promote and highlight the growing importance of DCHS from the perspective of energy efficiency and conservation through the collection of DCHS data in driving progress toward meeting APEC’s energy intensity reduction goal. A workshop was held to share the experience and best practices of DCHS among APEC economies. This report presents a summary of the insights during the workshop.