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Transitioning to a Sustainable Economy while Ensuring Inclusion

Cover_222_PSU_Transitioning to a Sustainable Economy while Ensuring Inclusion
Published Date December 2022
Type of Publication Reports
Publication Under APEC Secretariat, APEC Policy Support Unit
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Pages 10
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The significant human and economic costs of climate change warrant the shift to a low-carbon economy. The road toward low carbon, however, is not going to be well-paved. Livelihoods in high-carbon sectors would be at risk and communities would be negatively affected, with vulnerable sectors of society likely to be hurt disproportionately. 

Just transition is a framework that aims to maximize the advantages of transitioning to a low-carbon economy while promoting equity and inclusivity of vulnerable groups like women, the poor, workers, people with disabilities and Indigenous Peoples. A just transition to low carbon should ensure their inclusion, particularly their capacity to access decent work opportunities and their empowerment. This policy brief discusses the initiatives and various forms of a just transition in APEC economies and identifies policy approaches to ensure inclusion as APEC builds a sustainable future for all.