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Understanding the Role Played by ICT in Disaster Response of MSMEs

Cover_222_TWG_Understanding the Role Played by ICT in Disaster Response of MSMEs
Published Date August 2022
Type of Publication Reports
Publication Under SOM Steering Committee on Economic and Technical Cooperation (SCE), Tourism Working Group (TWG)
Accessed 543
Pages 250
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This publication explores the vulnerabilities of tourism operators (micro, small and medium enterprises or MSMEs) across APEC economies and the use of Information Communication Technology (ICT) to support disaster prevention, preparedness, response and recovery. It offers three phases of analysis, preliminary research and global best practice review, primary research of MSMEs in APEC economies and lessons learnt and recommendation. The final phase of the report identifies lessons leant and explores opportunities to engage ICT in the tourism sector’s disaster preparedness. Understanding these challenges is a key to reducing vulnerability, enhancing capacity and building resilience. This report highlights that there is still vulnerability across the tourism sector in APEC economies despite increasing disaster events. Policy intervention and support is required to assist businesses better prepare, respond and recover from disasters.