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Workshop on Development of Economic Analysis due to Visual Impairment and Avoidable Blindness

Cover_222_HWG_Workshop on Development of Economic Analysis
Published Date June 2022
Type of Publication Proceedings
Publication Under SOM Steering Committee on Economic and Technical Cooperation (SCE), Health Working Group (HWG)
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Pages 19
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Visual impairment and (avoidable) blindness affects socioeconomic development when considering an individual’s unemployment, care-taking requirements, increased dependence on others, lower quality of life, economic productivity loss, and increase poverty. However, some economies lack the knowledge and skill to measure its economic impact. This knowledge and skill can strengthen the awareness and advocacy of the urgency in implementing a visual impairment and (avoidable) blindness control program. The project was delivered in a workshop that aimed to create a framework to analyze the economic consequences of visual impairment and  (avoidable) blindness, to develop cost-effective eye care program and to create finance system (universal health coverage) for eye care. This report summarizes the outcomes of the workshop that was held in Bandung, Indonesia in April 2021.