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Enhancing Implementation of APEC Connectivity Blueprint in the Digital Era: Digital Connectivity for Stronger Recovery

Cover_222_PSU_Enhancing Implementation of APEC Connectivity Blueprint in the Digital Era
Published Date March 2022
Type of Publication Reports
Publication Under APEC Secretariat, APEC Policy Support Unit
Accessed 418
Pages 96
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This report addresses how APEC members can take advantage of the innovative and productive opportunities offered by greater digital connectivity. It begins with a discussion on the recent trends, best practices and challenges in the three pillars of connectivity. It then analyses the eight case studies that were submitted by APEC members for this report and information on relevant initiatives that was provided by APEC members for the 2020 Mid-Term Review of the APEC Connectivity Blueprint. The analysis shows that APEC members have taken a variety of approaches towards improving digital connectivity. However, key challenges to achieving greater digital connectivity remain and which will require innovative solutions from both the public and private sectors. The four main challenges are: 1) reducing the digital divide; 2) improving interoperability of digital systems and ensuring data security; 3) fostering greater regulatory cooperation to support the digital economy; and 4) maximizing digital dividends and spillover benefits. The report concludes with policy recommendations on how strengthening efforts in the implementation of the APEC Connectivity Blueprint in these areas will help members reap the greatest potential benefits that are provided by the digital economy.