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APEC Best Practices on Developing Services-related Statistics in Mode 3

Cover_222_GOS_APEC Best Practices on Developing Services-related Statistics in Mode 3
Published Date March 2022
Type of Publication Reports
Publication Under Committee on Trade and Investment (CTI), Group on Services (GOS)
Accessed 616
Pages 29
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This publication aims to present APEC economies with proposed best practice on developing services-related statistics in mode 3. The document consists of four sections: the first discusses how foreign affiliates statistics (FATS) are compiled across the APEC economies; the second focuses on the experiences of four APEC Economies in compiling FATS, namely Australia, Indonesia, Thailand and the United States; the third discusses the tracking mechanism as a post-workshop activity in Indonesia and Russia; and the last provides recommendations on FATS compilation in APEC economies. This document suggests three recommendations to address the impediments and challenges in compiling FATS, which are i) introducing a legal framework as a basis to compile statistics in mode 3; ii) starting the compilation by utilizing existing relevant statistics; and iii) improving the coordination between data users and compilers is crucial.