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APEC Gender-Mainstreaming Training Package: Mentee's Handbook

Cover_222_ACT_Gender Mainstreaming Training Package_Mentee's handbook
Published Date February 2022
Type of Publication Manuals
Publication Under SOM Steering Committee on Economic and Technical Cooperation (SCE), Anti-Corruption and Transparency Experts Working Group (ACTWG)
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A key APEC goal is women’s economic integration and empowerment. As one recent mechanism to achieve this, the ’La Serena Roadmap for Women and Inclusive Growth’ was adopted in 2019. Malaysia contributed to this by holding the ’Symposium on Gender Mainstreaming and Women’s Empowerment to Fight Corruption’ in February 2020. The Symposium identified an association between gender and corruption, leading to recommendations on gender mainstreaming by the Anti-Corruption Transparency Working Group (ACTWG).

The ACTWG endorsed gender mainstreaming recommendations for agencies focus on those agencies’ external work. New Zealand aims to continue to empower women in the fight against corruption, by focussing particularly on female employees within APEC anti-corruption agencies.

Women from these agencies were surveyed to assess the level of gender mainstreaming in anti-corruption workplaces, and consider the best ways of enhancing it. The analysis revealed gender segregation in the agencies. It indicated that career mentoring was a practical, effective approach to improving gender mainstreaming.

This handbook was, therefore, developed as a resource to help agencies establish their own career mentoring programmes. It is intended only as a framework for reference, that may be adapted to suit the relevant cultural and legislative environment.