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Environmental Services in the APEC Region: Definition, Challenges and Opportunities

Cover_221_GOS_Advancing the APEC Environmental Services Agenda
Published Date May 2021
Type of Publication Reports
Publication Under Committee on Trade and Investment (CTI), Group on Services (GOS)
Accessed 3742
Pages 83
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This report examines the formal classifications for environmental services and the range of tasks that have environmental benefits, before offering a new, updated model list as a suggested basis for discussions of regulatory and other barriers that currently impede trade in environmental services. It also considers the availability of and employment opportunities in environmental services through a gender lens, as well as identifying and critiquing the available data on current trade in environmental services in the APEC region. The report reveals opportunities for potential future trade in environmental services and identifies barriers to these services’ provision and availability. Finally, it makes several key recommendations on how opportunities can be exploited to advance ongoing work on environmental services, including in relation to the definition and scope of environmental services, data and statistics on trade in environmental services, gender, and trade policy.