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Public-Private Dialogue (PPD) on Personal Data Protection and Utilization in the Asia-Pacific Region: Challenges and Opportunities

Published Date April 2021
Type of Publication Reports
Publication Under Committee on Trade and Investment (CTI), Digital Economy Steering Group (DESG)
Accessed 2148
Pages 76
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As the digital economy spreads, the importance of using data is increasing. Notably, data including personal information is not only used, but also protected. APEC has consistently addressed the issue of the balance between the protection and use of personal data. This project proposes the adoption of a new system called Mydata, focusing on the balance between the use and protection of personal data based on strengthening the self-determination of data subjects. Mydata is a system that is already being applied in the private and public sectors alike in several economies, and it is highly likely that it can be used as a method for the protection and use of personal information within APEC as well. For this, it is necessary to address unresolved issues such as technical barriers and the coordination of legal regulations between countries. The adoption of Mydata could facilitate rapid progress in promoting the utilization of CBPR already proposed by APEC.