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Survey for Review of Chemical Management Regulatory Systems Worldwide

Cover_220_CD_Survey for Review of Chemical Management Regulatory Systems Worldwide
Published Date April 2020
Type of Publication Reports
Publication Under Committee on Trade and Investment (CTI), Chemical Dialogue (CD)
Accessed 3952
Pages 272
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This publication contains information on the 13 chemical management systems and facts about the work of international organizations on the subject matter. Description of chemical management systems is structured in identical blocks for every economy reviewed. These blocks correspond to the main elements of the regulatory model of a chemical management system, proposed by Russia. The model was discussed and received approval within the Virtual Working Group on Regulatory Convergence of Chemical Dialogue in 2014 and Chemical Dialogue itself. The information analyzed on every economy concerned is structured under standardized blocks that simplifies comparison of different blocks in various economies. Such benchmarking enables to identify best practices and solutions in the sphere of chemical management in different chemical management frameworks and, most importantly, to approach common problems in a coherent manner.