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Trends and Developments in Provisions and Outcomes of RTA/FTAs Implemented in 2017 by APEC Economies

Cover_218_PSU_Trends and Developments in Provisions and Outcomes of RTA-FTAs
Published Date December 2018
Type of Publication Reports
Publication Under APEC Secretariat, APEC Policy Support Unit
Accessed 8330
Pages 52
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As part of the APEC Information Sharing Mechanism agreed in 2014, this is the fourth annual report produced on recent RTA/FTAs implemented by APEC economies. This report provides an overview of the proliferation of RTA/FTAs in the APEC region and the general structure of the trade agreements – involving at least one APEC economy as a member – put in place in 2017, namely: Canada-European Union; Canada-Ukraine; Peru-Honduras; and the Singapore-Turkey FTAs.

Concerning these trade agreements, common patterns and differences are identified in four main areas: competition policy, temporary movement of natural persons, customs and investment. The report also highlights some of the innovative features incorporated within these trade agreements. In addition, it discusses the importance of RTA/FTAs as a tool to trigger structural reforms and promote growth and development.