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Sector Study on Environmental Services: Environmental Damage Remediation Services

1898-Cover_217_PSU_Environmental Services_Env Damage Remediation Services
Published Date October 2017
Type of Publication Reports
Publication Under APEC Secretariat, APEC Policy Support Unit
Accessed 10202
Pages 105
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This study is one of three sector studies on environmental services prepared in support of the APEC Environmental Services Action Plan. Remediation services encompass the treatment, removal and disposal of contaminated material, typically soil, water and groundwater, building decommissioning and demolition works, and decontamination of workplaces, buildings, vessels or other internal occupied spaces. Goods and services associated with remediation services delivery include technical and scientific consulting, construction and engineering, equipment and chemical manufacture, research and development, and others (treatment and disposal, analytical, litigation, insurance services etc.).

The report provides an overview of the remediation services sector, followed by details of the sector in each APEC member economy. It then concludes with possible next steps for the development of the sector; these include the need for APEC economies to prioritise and develop transparent regulations and standards for contamination management and remediation, and strengthen effective enforcement of the regulations and standards. Availability of funding mechanisms for site assessment and remediation commensurate with the level of effort required for such services is also key in sustaining remediation efforts.