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Exploring Quantitative Indicators for Effective Monitoring of APEC-wide Progress on Structural Reform under RAASR 2016-2020

1768-Cover_216_PSU_Exploring Quantitative Indicators for RAASR
Published Date October 2016
Type of Publication Reports
Publication Under APEC Secretariat, APEC Policy Support Unit
Accessed 9655
Pages 53
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This report proposes possible external baseline indicators to be used to monitor APEC-wide progress on structural reform under the Renewed APEC Agenda for Structural Reform (RAASR). The report is structured as follows:

- Chapter 1 gives a brief evolution of structural reform initiatives in APEC;
- Chapter 2 provides general overview of how the review process of RAASR can possibly be conducted as    well as the thought process behind the identification of the proposed external indicators;
- Chapter 3 lists these indicators and provide additional details for each, including the relevant RAASR        pillars addressed by the indicator, possible actions at economy level that may impact the indicator, its          strengths and limitations; and
- Chapter 4 concludes the report.