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APEC and the Human Development Agenda

1715-Policy Brief on APEC and the Human Development Agenda_Cover
Published Date March 2016
Type of Publication Reports
Publication Under APEC Secretariat, APEC Policy Support Unit
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APEC Policy Support Unit Policy Brief No. 14 (March 2016)
Human development is defined by the UNDP as a process of enlarging people’s choices: to lead a long and healthy life; to acquire knowledge; and to have access to resources needed to enjoy a decent standard of living. It focuses on the richness of human lives rather than the richness of economies. Human development is not a new approach: it has been integral to the work undertaken by international development organizations in the past three decades, but it is nevertheless a relatively new approach within APEC. Although APEC is an economic forum focusing on trade and investment issues, there is a rising trend within the organization to consider broader issues of human development. Concepts relating to inclusive growth, social protection, and equal opportunity—which are compatible with UNDP’s concepts of human development—are increasingly recognized by APEC Leaders as seen in recent Ministerial and Leaders’ statements. This policy brief discusses APEC’s work related to human development and next steps in advancing this agenda within the APEC framework.