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Study on Good Regulatory Practices for Goods and Services Necessary or Desirable for Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation, October 2009

Published Date December 2009
Type of Publication Reports
Publication Under APEC Secretariat, APEC Policy Support Unit
Accessed 38363
Pages 36
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This project aims to analyze whether current regulatory practices are able to embrace the concept of CCGS and identify and suggest best practice regulation which will encourage the production and trade of CCGS to ensure they can play an effective role in global responses to climate change.


This work is available for further use under creative commons licensing.

1. Introduction

2. Overview of the production and trade of CCGS
- Solar Equipment
- Air Pollution Mitigation, Prevention and Control-related goods
- Natural dyes and fibers
- Water and wastewater treatment

3. Regulatory Practices on CCGS

4. Barriers and Impediments on Production and Trade of CCG
- Restrictive Practices in Customs Procedures
- Restrictive Practices in Technical Regulations
- Quantitative Restrictions
- Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights
- Subsidies
- Restrictions on the Movement of Business Persons
- Investment-Related Restrictions

5. Policy Recommendations and Final Remarks