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Cross-border Investment Linkages among APEC Economies: The Case of Foreign Direct Investment, October 2009

Published Date December 2009
Type of Publication Reports
Publication Under APEC Secretariat, APEC Policy Support Unit
Accessed 93589
Pages 50
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This report aims to establish an understanding of the degree and structure of bilateral FDI linkages among APEC economies for which suitable data is available for analysis.

This work is available for further use under creative commons licensing.


1. Introduction

2. Data Caveats

3. Size And Extent Of Intra-APEC Fdi Flows
A. Aggregate Inflows To And Outflows From APEC
B. Intraregional APEC Fdi Flows: Aggregate Shares
C. Intraregional APEC Fdi Flows: Individual Economy Shares

4. Determinants Of FDI Flows: Model And Data
A. Theoretical Framework
A. Benchmark Model
C. Extended Model – Effects Of APEC Membership
D. Extended Model – Effects Of Country Risk
E. Data And Methodology

5. Empirical Results
A. Results For Baseline Model
B. Results For Extended Model: Effects Of APEC Membership
C. Extended Model: Effects Of Country Risk
D. Robustness Checks

6. Policy Implications

Appendix - Data Sources