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APEC Training Symposium Optimize the Use of Audit and Investigation to Strengthen Aviation Security in APEC Economies, May 2009 - Proceedings

Published Date May 2009
Type of Publication Proceedings
Publication Under Senior Officials Meeting Task Groups, Counter-Terrorism Working Group (CTWG)
Accessed 20783
Pages 118
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The main objectives of the Symposium were to: (i) draw the attention of APEC economies to the ICAO USAP and security audit/investigation, hence to facilitate better coordination between economies and ICAO in the implementation of USAP; (ii) to improve the utilization of audit in strengthening the oversight of aviation security activities, and (iii) to encourage co-operation and collaboration in security audit among economies in mutual recognition to enhance the security capability.

  • Agenda
  • Summary Report
  • Session I: Implementation of the ICAO Universal Security Audit
  • Session II: Compliance in Security Oversight System and SeMS
  • Session III: Aviation Security: Other Perspectives