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15 Quotes from President Vo Van Thuong of Viet Nam at the APEC CEO Summit

San Francisco, The United States | 13 December 2023

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President of Viet Nam Vo Van Thuong delivered remarks during the 2023 APEC CEO Summit and spoke about issues facing the global economy, the potential contributions of APEC, and Viet Nam’s position and development.

     On issues facing the global economy and the need to adopt new mindsets               and approaches

  1. “To continue to pursue our noble goals, we would need a new mindset that is inclusive, harmonious, and humanistic.”
  2. “It is necessary to maintain a balance between economic growth, social progress, and environmental protection. Economic growth driven by consumption and exploitation of natural resources should be replaced by a more circular and sustainable model.”
  3. “Ensuring economic stability and security is the legitimate concern of every country. However, increased protectionism and decoupling of markets will only weaken the global economy and undo the past achievements of international economic integration.”
  4. “It is thus necessary to maintain close coordination among countries to improve responsiveness to crises and establish a global economic management system that is transparent, fair, and capable of ensuring the balance of interests among countries, however large or small.”
  5. “Global governance of technology (particularly AI and biotechnology) should strive to not only manage the development of technologies, but also address their economic, social, cultural and political implications.”

    On APEC’s contributions to addressing challenges facing the global economy
  6. “Today, when the global economy is facing a new wave of protectionism, and other challenges stemming from climate change, social inequality and geopolitical tensions, APEC provides us with a platform to together seek and pilot new ideas and solutions.”
  7. “International trade has faced its share of ups and downs. However, trade cooperation has always been integral in the development and prosperity of countries.”
  8. “More than ever before, APEC needs to reinforce its pledge to maintain open markets, enhance international economic linkages, and support an open, inclusive and sustainable world economy.”
  9. “It is necessary to ensure that the benefits of trade cooperation will be distributed equally throughout the entire society.”
  10. “Free trade and investment will help economies in the Asia-Pacific improve their competitiveness and remain as top destinations for investors.”
  11. “APEC is a forum for economies to step up information exchange and policy coordination to timely address challenges and ensure seamless regional supply chains. In addition, cooperation in food security, energy security and trade connectivity to diversify supply chains will help strengthen economic security of member economies.”

    Viet Nam’s position and development policies:
  12. “APEC can only succeed in its work by building upon the friendship and trust among its members, and the cooperation of businesses and the people.”
  13. “I do hope that every APEC member economy will uphold the spirit of collaboration and a high sense of responsibility, underscore the importance of multilateralism, and set aside differences to together overcome all challenges, for peace, cooperation, and development in the region and the world.”
  14. “Viet Nam stands ready to work with fellow APEC members and the business community in the Asia-Pacific to pave the way towards a brighter future for all.
  15. “I am confident that given the joint efforts and strong resolve of us all, APEC will continue to record greater successes in this new phase of development.”


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