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14 Quotes from President Gabriel Boric of Chile at the APEC CEO Summit

San Francisco, The United States | 13 December 2023

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President of Chile Gabriel Boric delivered remarks during the 2023 APEC CEO Summit and spoke about global challenges, social development and innovation as well as economic opportunities in Chile.

  1. “When economies are doing well, people are doing well.”
  2. “Today, maybe more than ever, because of globalization, the destiny of each one of us is intertwined with the destiny of the other.”
  3. “We have a lot a lot of work to do. And we must act urgently for ourselves and future generations. This is not any more a conversation about the future. It's happening now.”
  4. “We have a role to play—governments civil, society and the private sector as investors, service providers and job creators in many local communities—but we have to rebuild confidence.”
  5. “We are committed to contribute from the center of the world to global solutions to the changes that this century demands us.”
  6. “The necessary global shift towards a greener and more digital economy does not count to Chile as a burden but as an opportunity to make a quality change into our development model.”
  7. “Chile aims to actively participate in global value chains through innovation, creating high quality products that compete on the world stage.”
  8. “In order to have a development of long term, we need certainty.”
  9. “We have proof that it's possible to achieve great things when we focus on what unites us.”
  10. “San Francisco was the birthplace of great companies and startups that have revolutionized our lives. How many of these companies would not have come where they are now, if they have followed the mainstream opinions?”
  11. “We have to be willing to face risk and fail. Because in failure, there's also learning.”
  12. “We know, my friends, that the world is going through difficult times and we must redouble our efforts to ensure that dialogue prevails.”
  13. “In Chile, we are really proud to contribute to being a bridge between Latin America and the Asia-Pacific region.”
  14. “From this place, we will continue to promote the regional integration worldwide and the adoption of effective agreements with the hope that the future that awaits us will be more auspicious and prosperous and more fair for all the people, for all the inhabitants in the world.”

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