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10 Quotes from the President of Korea at the APEC CEO Summit

Republic of Korea | 11 November 2021

South Korea

According to His Excellency Moon Jae-in, President of the Republic of Korea, just as the climate crisis knows no borders, we should not either. Here are ten quotes from his speech about the APEC region’s inclusive, carbon-neutral future at the 2021 APEC CEO Summit.

  1. “As an economic forum that represents 61 percent of world GDP, APEC will stand at the forefront of cultivating the hydrogen economy ecosystem.”
  2. “Hoping that APEC will usher in a new Asia-Pacific era on the energy front by building a clean hydrogen value chain, Korea will also take an active part.”
  3. “It is inclusiveness that transcends borders.”
  4. “Just as the climate crisis knows no borders, we should not either when working together to fight climate crisis.”
  5. “Today I hope that our commitments and partnerships to act toward energy transition and carbon neutrality will grow stronger.”
  6. “Finding a way to move forward without emitting more carbon is a task assigned to all humanity, one that needs everyone to work and succeed.”
  7. “The carbon neutral society we aspire to build through energy transition is a world that grows in an inclusive and sustainable manner.”
  8. “The roles and responsibilities APEC has to fulfill as the world’s largest regional economic forum are immense.”
  9. “Business leaders who have driven economic growth of the Asia-Pacific region with innovative ideas, audacious steps and inclusive leadership are the main players opening the door to carbon neutrality.”
  10. “A new civilization to be made from new energy sources begins right now, from us.”


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