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Women’s Inclusion in Trade Lies in Collective Efforts

By Elizabeth Galdo Arequipa, Peru | 21 May 2024

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APEC must collectively strive to break down barriers hindering women's full participation in trade.

As Minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism, trade lies at the heart of the endeavors my sector puts forward. We recognize that trade can be a powerful tool for economic progress and social advancement. However, for trade to truly work for all, it must be underpinned by the principles of resiliency, inclusion and sustainability. We cannot afford to leave anyone behind in our pursuit of economic growth.

Resiliency is essential in navigating the uncertainties and challenges that characterize the global landscape. As we confront evolving geopolitical dynamics, technological disruptions, and environmental challenges, we must build resilient economies that can withstand shocks and adapt to change. In doing so, we can create opportunities for women to thrive in a rapidly changing world, enabling them to overcome adversity and seize new possibilities.

Through initiatives aimed at inclusive trade, we strive to break down the barriers that exclude women from participating fully in the economy, whether due to discriminatory practices, lack of access to resources, or cultural norms. By fostering an environment where diversity is embraced and all voices are heard, we can harness the full potential of our human capital and drive inclusive growth that benefits everyone.

Studies show the persistent issues women face when participating in the economy and reaching leadership positions: socio-cultural norms, wage inequality, limited access to networks, work-life balance challenges, among others.

We must face these issues through collective efforts. As APEC host for 2024, Peru is glad to provide a high-level platform for these discussions, showing our will and common interest to address our current problems, and showing our citizens that we are prioritizing women’s empowerment, gender equality and inclusive growth.

Elizabeth Galdo is Peru’s Minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism and is co-chair of the Joint Meeting of Ministers Responsible for Women and Ministers Responsible for Trade.

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