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2012 Cyber Security Awareness Day

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The APEC Ministers responsible for the Telecommunications and Information Industry, gathered in St. Petersburg, Russia, from August 7-8, 2012 and affirmed their commitment through St. Petersburg Declaration “Building Confidence and Security in the Use of ICT to Promote Economic Growth and prosperity”.

In this declaration they recognized the efforts to raise cyber security awareness and seek to strengthen these efforts through cooperative activities like APEC Cyber Security Awareness Day. 

Building on this, October 29, 2012 marks the third annual APEC Cyber Security Awareness Day.  To recognize the occasion, APEC TEL is hosting an online poster exhibition of contributing economies’ awareness posters.   View our economies’ poster contributions and do your part by adhering to our Top Cyber Tips.

Posters for APEC Cyber Security Awareness Day (2012)

(Click on each poster to download high resolution poster) 

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