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Import Regulations and Business Information - Korea

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The MAG has compiled a comprehensive set of links to import regulation information in APEC Member Economies to make it easier for importers and exporters to access information before trading in the Asia-Pacific region.  

Korea Food and Drug Administration
You can find information on: 
  • Regulations on Food, Drug and Medical Equipments

Korea Customs Service
You can find information on: 

  • Importing to Korea
  • Laws and Regulations
  • Trade Statistics 
  • Tariff Database 

National Plant Quarantine Service and National Veterinary Research and Quarantine Service
You can find information on:

  • Export and Import Regulations (on animals, food, timber, plants, grains and fresh produce)
  • Quarantine and Inspection
  • Sanitary Control

Ministry of Knowledge Economy
You can find information on:

  • Laws and Regulations (on Investment and Energy) 
  • Trade and Investment Database
  • Industry Assistance Schemes

Ministry of Environment
You can find information on: 

  • Environmental Measures Affecting Trade in Hazardous Wastes

Disclaimer: The above websites provided by APEC member economies may not fully comply with the approved APEC Nomenclature and Publication Policy. The links provided here are for your convenience only. APEC is not responsible for the information provided.