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APEC Services Competitiveness Roadmap Mid-term Review

Cover_221_PSU_APEC Services Competitiveness Roadmap Mid-term Review
Published Date October 2021
Type of Publication Reports
Publication Under APEC Secretariat, APEC Policy Support Unit
Accessed 3909
Pages 211
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This mid-term review report assesses the progress made by APEC economies in implementing the APEC Services Competitiveness Roadmap (ASCR). It found that APEC has made good strides in advancing ASCR across multiple levels, but also noted the need to re-double efforts considering the uneven progress. In light of the disruption caused by the pandemic, this report also aims to better understand the impact and implications of COVID-19 on services sector and trade, and consequently how services sector in the region can respond and adapt to the post-COVID environment, specifically with respect to the next phase of ASCR implementation. Recommendations arising from the report include: accelerating implementation of specific APEC-wide actions; responding to COVID-19 decisively and concretely; leveraging cross-fora collaboration and ensuring better synergy with other APEC initiatives; enhancing engagement with the private sector; and continuing to improve services data and statistics.