Capacity Building for Community-based Long-term Care

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Capacity Building for Community-based Long-term Care

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April 2021

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SOM Steering Committee on Economic and Technical Cooperation(SCE), Health Working Group(HWG)





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This report summarizes the workshop presentations and discussion on the design and implementation of long-term care services and systems and how it can be approached systematically.

Long-term care systems in the different economies have undergone different levels of implementation, mainly related to perceived importance of the topic at the national government levels. The relevant general topics include: reaching consensus about the definition of care dependency and reaching consensus about financing schemes.

The discussion further highlighted that:

  1. Economies need to shift from a family-based care provision system mainly supported by unpaid caregivers to a community-based integrated care with systemic approach.
  2. The systemic approach to long-term care can be implemented by integrating elements such as information systems, budget, quality and care standards and regulations, technology, workforce capacity building and evaluation frameworks.