Green Synergy Solutions in APEC Region

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Green Synergy Solutions in APEC Region

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March 2021

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SOM Steering Committee on Economic and Technical Cooperation(SCE), Policy Partnership on Science, Technology and Innovation(PPSTI)



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To promote sustainable growth and to increase capacity building, this project focused on green synergy solutions. The project conducted the 2020 APEC-ACABT Green Synergy Solutions in APEC Region in December 2020 that consisted policy dialogue, workshop, offline project-based training program and technical on-site practice. The event provided a platform for 129 participants from PPSTI/EWG delegations, research institutes, universities, private sectors and governments within 13 APEC member economies to exchange knowledge and to search for more opportunities for cooperation and technological development. The project generated outcomes in enhancing the ability of capacity building, establishing a networking platform for participants among APEC region, and engaging participants to address the issues and to exchange ideas, all of which helped raise participants’ awareness to pursue environmental protection and sustainable growth.