Role of Management Capability in SMEs

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Role of Management Capability in SMEs

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April 2020

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SOM Steering Committee on Economic and Technical Cooperation(SCE), Small and Medium Enterprises Working Group(SMEWG)





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This publication has insights and lessons learned at the Forum, and questions for economies to consider. Focused on micro and small to medium enterprises across the Asia-Pacific region, the themes revolved on management capability of SME owner and operators, measurement and evaluation of business advisory programmes, and sustainable economics — beyond productivity. Questions reveal opportunities to improve: How are we boosting SME management capability to improve productivity and standards of living? What are the barriers? Do we use measurement tools, management scores and randomized control trials? Have we streamlined how SMEs access finance? What solutions and partnerships can help the private and public sectors increase management capability and share business insights and products? Do SMEs measure social and environmental sustainability, and consider mind set in policies? Does product range and price limit their access to finance? The Forum further highlighted how each economy must adapt best practice to suit their environment and how the APEC community must share research.