2019 CTI Annual Report to Ministers

Cover_CTI Annual Report to Ministers 2019
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2019 CTI Annual Report to Ministers

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December 2019

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Committee on Trade and Investment(CTI)





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The 2019 CTI Annual Report to Ministers highlights CTI and sub-fora progress and achievements in the key priority areas of APEC’s Trade and Investment Liberalization and Facilitation (TILF) agenda in support of Chile’s APEC 2019 priorities: Integration 4.0; Digital Society; Women, SMEs and Inclusive Growth; and Sustainable Growth.

Individual Files

  • Appendix 1 - APEC Strategic Blueprint for Promoting Global Value Chains 2020-2025 Download
  • Appendix 2 - Progress on Economies Implementation of the WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement Download
  • Appendix 3 - APEC TiVA Initiative Report One Download
  • Appendix 4 - Supply Chain Integration 40 Through APEC Single Window Interoperability Action Plan Download
  • Appendix 5 - Pathfinder Initiative - Building Blocks for Facilitating Digital Trade Download
  • Appendix 6 - Pathfinder Initiatives Download
  • Appendix 7 - Updated APEC Customs Transit Guidelines Download
  • Appendix 8 - Customs Strategic Framework on Building Connectivity - 3M plus 3S Initiative Download
  • Appendix 9 - LSIF RHSC KPI Infographic Download
  • Appendix 10 - APEC Recommendations on WTO SPS Notifications Download