APEC Regional Trends Analysis - APEC at 30: A Region in Constant Change

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APEC Regional Trends Analysis - APEC at 30: A Region in Constant Change

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May 2019

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APEC Secretariat, APEC Policy Support Unit





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Thirty years have passed since APEC was founded in 1989. The theme chapter of the latest APEC Regional Trends Analysis report looks back at the founding principles of APEC and reviews changes in the region during the past three decades. As the region faces rising inequality, climate change, and digital disruption, APEC will need to strengthen the spirit of 1989—cooperative, holistic, and innovative—to face the challenges of the next 30 years.

The next chapter on economic and trade trends shows that trade tensions have translated into the imposition of tariffs and counter-measures, which, in turn, have manifested in uneven growth among APEC economies in 2018. As the APEC region grapples with a global environment marked by persistent trade tensions and policy uncertainty, sustaining the region’s growth has become a delicate balancing act that requires implementing measures to support continued economic expansion while ensuring that growth remains sustainable and inclusive.


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