Guidelines to Develop Energy Resiliency in APEC Off-Grid Areas

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Guidelines to Develop Energy Resiliency in APEC Off-Grid Areas

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May 2017

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SOM Steering Committee on Economic and Technical Cooperation(SCE), Energy Working Group(EWG)





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The Guidelines was prepared to provide basic parameters, frameworks, lessons learned, and best practices in improving energy resiliency among APEC member economies. The Guidelines promote the building of sustainable and resilient communities (thematic thrust of APEC 2015), which will coalesce with the international call for energy security and a cleaner, safer and more bio-diverse environment. It endeavors to become the take-off point from where APEC member economies can identify, design, and implement energy resiliency measures applicable to their respective conditions and circumstances. It aims to provide a practical framework on improving off-grid energy resiliency for policy-makers, implementers of programs and projects, local government units, private players in the energy sector as well as non-government organizations (NGO’s) and local communities.

Individual Files

  • 217_EWG_Guidelines to Develop Energy Resiliency in APEC Off-Grid Areas Download
  • Annex 1 Energy Resilience Policies Regulations and Laws Download
  • Annex 2 Market Characterization of Canadas Northern Communities Download
  • Annex 3 Energy Emergency Response in Russia Download
  • Annex 4 Presentation on Programs and Projects Download
  • Annex 5 Philippines ERC Small Grid Guidelines Download
  • Annex 6 Philippines Guidebook for Developing Sustainable Renewable Energy Systems Download
  • Annex 7 Balancing Water and Energy Use Download
  • Annex 8 Philippines DOE Gender Toolkit Download
  • Main Report Download