2014 CTI Annual Report to Ministers

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2014 CTI Annual Report to Ministers

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November 2014

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Committees, Committee on Trade and Investment(CTI)





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The CTI Annual Report to Ministers for 2014 outlines the Committee’s accomplishments and recommendations in the key priority areas of APEC’s Trade and Investment Liberalization and
Facilitation (TILF) agenda in support of APEC’s 2014 priorities under the theme of “Shaping the
Future through Asia-Pacific Partnership”.

Individual Files

  • Appendix 1 The Beijing Roadmap for APECs Contribution to the Realisation of the FTAAP Download
  • Appendix 10 Capacity Building Plan to Improve Supply Chain Performance Download
  • Appendix 11 APEC Statement on Promoting the Use of Interoperable Global Data Standards Download
  • Appendix 12 - APEC Actions to Promote Widespread Usage of Electric Vehicles Download
  • Appendix 13 APEC Action Agenda on Advertising Standards and Practice Development Download
  • Appendix 14 - CTIs Sub-fora Collective Action Plans Download
  • Appendix 15 - Glossary of Terms Download
  • Appendix 2 Outline of the Collective Strategic Study on Issues Related to the Realisation of the FT Download
  • Appendix 3 Action Plan Framework for the 2nd Regional Economic Integration REICapacity Building Nee Download
  • Appendix 4 APEC Strategic Blueprint for Promoting Global Value Chains Development and Cooperation Download
  • Appendix 5 Strategic Framework on Measurement of TiVA under GVCs Download
  • Appendix 6 APEC Statement on Promoting Renewable and Clean Energy RCE Trade and Investment Download
  • Appendix 7 APEC Strategic Plan on Capacity Building to Promote Trade and Investment Download
  • Appendix 8 Supply Chain Connectivity Framework Action Plan 2014 Update Download
  • Appendix 9 Strengthening Supply Chains in APEC An Overview of Transparency Cooperation and Capacit Download
  • Main Report Download