APEC Economic Trends Analysis: Cautious Steps towards Recovery

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APEC Economic Trends Analysis: Cautious Steps towards Recovery

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October 2013

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APEC Secretariat, APEC Policy Support Unit





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October 2013 Issue: Cautious Steps towards Recovery

The APEC Economic Trends Analysis is a biannual publication from the Policy Support Unit.

The October 2013 issue examines the economic performance of the APEC region in the first half of this year. There have been divergent trends seen in the region. Economic activity has strengthened in industrialized APEC economies while there has been weaker than expected GDP growth in some APEC emerging and developing economies. Some economies in APEC were also affected as investors reassessed the outlook for monetary policy in some large economies, with visible impacts on the bond, equity and currency markets.

Growth momentum is expected to strengthen in the APEC region in the coming quarters. However, as large economies will eventually begin the process of normalization in their monetary policy, APEC should take decisive steps to mitigate any potential adverse impacts. In particular, in tandem with the pursuit of macroeconomic and financial stability, it is important for APEC to intensify efforts to improve the region’s investment climate and promote domestic demand as a new engine for growth.

The next edition of APEC Economic Trends Analysis report will be available in 1 April 2014