Promoting Good Practice and Policies for Young People’s Work in APEC Economies, July 2010

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Promoting Good Practice and Policies for Young People’s Work in APEC Economies, July 2010

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July 2010

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SOM Steering Committee on Economic and Technical Cooperation(SCE), Human Resources Development Working Group(HRDWG)





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This report provides the results of a project, completed with the assistance of APEC economies that sought to increase economies understanding of the challenges, barriers and experiences of young people in work, within APEC economies. The report covers a wide range of issues including workplace issues such as health and safety and employment relations, combining education and skills training and young people in the labour market, and the recent effects of the global economic crisis.

The report offers a set of conclusions and key challenges, which highlight a number of significant areas for focus and potential project work for APEC economies.


  1. Conclusions and key challenges
  2. Project overview
  3. The literature review
  4. The survey of policy makers in APEC economies
  5. The workshop
  6. Workshop presentations-- Session: Youth engagement – ‘How to effectively engage young people in policy’
    - Session: Evidence & Research– School children and work
    - Session: Combining Education and Work
    - Session: ‘Work Readiness’
    - Session: New Zealand Youth Perspective: Panel Discussion
    - Session: New Zealand Educator’s Perspective on young people in work
    - Session: Vulnerable Young People/Target Groups
    - Session: Young People and the Global Economic Recession
    - Session: Discussion - Ways forward for APEC economies