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Workshop and Report on Implications of Bio-refineries for Energy and Trade in the APEC Region, November 2009

Published Date November 2009
Type of Publication Reports
Publication Under SOM Steering Committee on Economic and Technical Cooperation (SCE), Energy Working Group (EWG)
Accessed 3977
Pages 305
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This report introduces the emerging “second generation” biofuel technologies such as biorefinery technologies with feedstocks from non-food biomass. It also includes the technical and commercial applications of the “first generation” biofuel technologies with most of the feedstocks from food crops, such as corn ethanol in the United States, sugarcane ethanol in Brazil, and fatty acid methyl ester (FAME) biodiesel.

1. Executive Summary
2. Introduction
3. Bio-refinery Technologies
4. Feedstocks
5. Co-Products
6. Bio-refinery Workshop
7. Conclusions