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Electronic Authentication: Issues Relating to Its Selection and Use, 2003

Published Date December 2003
Type of Publication Reports
Publication Under SOM Steering Committee on Economic and Technical Cooperation (SCE), Telecommunications and Information Working Group (TELWG)
Accessed 2539
Pages 207
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This report identifies the major issues involved in selecting and using electronic authentication to provide APEC member economies with guidance when developing policy and legal frameworks to support electronic authentication. The report addresses the issues in general, examines five different groups of technologies, and documents how these relate to the issues raised. It also addresses some of the legal issues involved with the use of electronic authentication.

  • Executive summary
  • Chapter 1: General issues relating to the selection and use of electronic authentication
  • Chapter 2: Asymmetric (public key) cryptography
  • Chapter 3: Public key infrastructure interoperability
  • Chapter 4: Shared secret technologies
  • Chapter 5: Biometric technologies
  • Chapter 6: Other technologies
  • Chapter 7: Hybrid technologies
  • Chapter 8: A brief tutorial on cryptography for the novice
  • Chapter 9: Legal issues