Trade and Environment Workshop: Papers and Proceedings, 1998

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Trade and Environment Workshop: Papers and Proceedings, 1998

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December 1998

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Committees, Economic Committee(EC)





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The APEC Workshop on Trade and Environment was held from 22 – 24 July 1998 in Beijing, China. This volume provides a summary of the discussions that took place at Beijing and makes available to a wider audience the papers and contributions made by the expert speakers who gathered there.

  • Foreword
  • The Summary of the Proceedings
  • Opening Statements
  • Papers Delivered at the Workshop on Trade & Environment
  • International Trade and Environmental Policy
  • Economy Report: Canada, Trade and Environment Policy and Practice
  • Environmental Protection and Foreign Trade in China
  • Foreign Direct Investment and China’s Sustainable Development
  • Trade Related Environmental Issues: The Case of Hong Kong, China
  • Environment in the Context of APEC Trade and Investment Liberalisation: The Case of Indonesia
  • Japanese Perspectives on Trade and Environment in APEC
  • International Environmental Pressures and Korean Trade
  • Trade- and Environment-Related Measures:
  • The International Trade and Environment Regulatory Framework: The Mexico Case
  • Environment and Trade: Related Regulatory Measures in Papua New Guinea
  • Trade and Environment: Issues and Opportunities
  • Trade, Environment and the Economy in Singapore
  • Chinese Taipei’s Report: Linkage between Trade and Environment
  • Appendix: Participants List