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Contracting: Tenders and Request For Proposals

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APEC Tenders/RFPs

APEC-funded projects are a vital part of the APEC process, turning into action APEC Ministers' and APEC Economic Leaders' specific policy direction. Projects cover a range of beneficial activities for the region, from establishing channels for information exchange to assist business with trade and investment, to providing information technology training in developing economies.

APEC actively encourages the involvement of the private sector, universities and government in the Asia-Pacific Region in APEC projects. Typically, requests for proposals/tenders for projects are advertised on this website. Current requests for proposals/tenders, if any, are listed below. Closing date for submission is 5.00 p.m (Singapore time) on the date stated, unless stated otherwise.


APEC’s general principles for procurement and contract management are based on accountability, value for money and openness. Competitive bidding is important to ensure that APEC Projects provides value for money and mitigate any real or potential risks of conflict of interest. Depending on the value of the contract, different methods are used to engage a contractor.

APEC Contracting Forms & Resources provides templates, checklists and other supporting tools to assist contractors and Project Overseers with contracting with APEC.

APEC Contracting Forms & Resources can be found here.

Closing Date
Currently no open opportunities.

In September 2007, APEC Ministers agreed to establish an APEC Policy Support Unit (PSU) to provide analytical and evaluation capacity and assist in coordinating related economic and technical cooperation for the development and implementation of APEC's trade, investment, economic reform and energy policy agenda.

As well as in-house work (e.g. policy dialogue papers), the PSU will manage technical work commissioned from external consultants.

Closing Date
Currently no open opportunities.