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Now Online: APEC’s Statistics Portal Gets a New Look

APEC Policy Support Unit Singapore | 17 July 2020

The research and analysis arm for APEC, the Policy Support Unit, today launched the newly redesigned StatsAPEC – a portal dedicated to providing the region’s economic indicators. It can be viewed at

Improving on its first release in 2010, the new StatsAPEC site now features a streamlined and modern design and functionality as well as newly updated data. The statistics portal offers the only consolidated source of APEC-specific data going back to APEC’s inception in 1989.

Data are updated twice a year, every June and December, and can be exported to third-party data processing software for further analysis. Officials, stakeholders, media, students and the public in general can have cost-free access to all the data found in StatsAPEC.

“Our objective is to provide a go-to data source for researchers and policymakers who need information specific to the APEC region,” said Dr Denis Hew, Director of the APEC Policy Support Unit. “It is crucial to have wide access to data in the region to enrich the discussions in APEC and contribute to evidence-based policymaking.”

StatsAPEC comprises two major components including the Key Indicator Database with more than 120 trade, financial and socio-economic indicators, and the Bilateral Linkages Database which facilitates detailed analysis of trade and investment flows within APEC and between APEC and the world. In addition, users can also access a broad range of indicators of APEC aggregate data, making it easier to examine the region as a whole.

Dr Hew explained that currently the Policy Support Unit collects publicly available macro-level data to populate the database, such as gross domestic product (GDP), trade or employment.

“Looking ahead, we hope to complement the existing resources with additional data that provides insights into the conditions of micro, small and medium enterprises, women, workers and households in the APEC region,” he added.

Users also have access to the StatsAPEC Glossary to find all the indicators’ definitions used in the databases. To experience the newly designed StatsAPEC and to access all available data, visit:

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