Leading high school students from around the Asia-Pacific are taking part in the 3rd APEC Youth Science Festival in Beijing on now until August 9.
During the festival students aged 15-18 who have a strong science and technology interest will expand their knowledge and break down cultural barriers to learning.
Dr Paul Cheung, Lead Shepherd of the APEC Industrial Science and Technology Working Group which is the APEC fora coordinating the event with the Government of China, said the festival will bring together some of the great science and technology minds of the next generation.
"Students at the APEC Youth Science Festival will be able to learn from each other through cutting edge education programs and cultural events," Dr Cheung said.
"Students will also present their own research papers at the festival. This will be the first time many of these young students present a research paper at an international forum. It will not only be a great honour, but also a unique opportunity for them to experience their first taste of international scientific exchange and networking.
"We can expect that many of these students will go on to become leading engineers and scientists in the years ahead so it will be a pleasure bringing them together at this festival in Beijing."
Over the seven days of the festival, students will take part in a program that will introduce them to new concepts and innovation in science and technology, and a social program designed to build cultural understanding.
Two previous APEC Youth Science Festivals were held in Singapore in 2002 and Seoul in 1998. The Third Festival is expected to exceed the previous two in both scale and attendance.
Young scientists attending the Festival are selected from the APEC Member economies through very competitive selection processes in each economy. They are the next generation scientists with great potential to push the scientific frontier forward in the future.
Additional details are available on the 3rd APEC Youth Science Festival Website: www.3aysf.org/index_en.asp (English) or www.3aysf.org (Chinese)