1. Introduction

The Ninth Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Leaders' Meeting will be held in Shanghai, China on 20-21 October 2001. It will be preceded by the APEC Ministerial Meeting 17-18 October 2001, Informal Senior Officials' Meeting 15-16 October 2001 and other related meetings including the APEC Business Advisory Council Meeting 18-21 October 2001 and the CEO Summit 18-20 October 2001.

2. Events and Venues

For the APEC 2001 meetings, an International Media Centre (IMC) will be established in the Oriental Pearl Radio & TV Tower. It is located at No.1 Century Boulevard, Pudong District, Shanghai, which is adjacent to the International Convention Centre - the main venue for the APEC 2001 meetings. The International Media Centre, open from 0900 hours to 2400 hours 14-16 October, around-the-clock 17-21 October, and 0900 hours to 1200 hours on 22 October, will provide facilities for electronic and print media.

A media sub-centre with a smaller common working area will be established for those in media pools accredited to cover the APEC Leaders' Retreat.

The International Media Centre will contain briefing rooms, and will be the venue for the main press conferences. It will have a common working area for an estimated 350 media members (desks with telephones which will provide free local call, long distance call could be made by using phone cards?about 150 PCs with free Internet access, and Internet connection points for laptops), an information desk, a booking office, a Telecom Services Office with public phone and fax facilities, photo-processing and food service areas, etc.

Broadcast media organizations have earlier been advised of ways to book work space and facilities through the Rate Card and Requirement Survey published by the Media Taskforce of China Secretariat for APEC 2001.

Other media organizations can also hire work space and facilities by using the order forms enclosed (see Annex A). Since space is limited, media organizations are asked to request only their minimum space requirements.

The International Convention Centre (ICC) and the Shanghai Science and Technology Museum will be the venue for official ceremonies and meetings.

Key Dates

15-16 October APEC Informal Senior Officials' Meeting (SOM)
17-18 October APEC Ministerial Meeting (AMM)
18-20 October APEC CEO Summit
18-21 October APEC Business Advisory Council Meeting (ABAC)
20-21 October APEC Economic Leaders' Meeting (AELM)

3. Accreditation

The accreditation will begin from 15 July 2001. Members of the media wishing to report the Informal SOM, AMM, AELM and other related meetings are required to be accredited and in possession of a photograph identification (ID) card. The ID card must be WORN AT ALL TIMES at the official venues and will be required for entry.

Media representatives from each economy (except those residing overseas) should send their application forms (see Annex B) to their delegation's Accreditation Liaison Officer (ALO). The ALO is responsible for verifying and inputting the media information on the Internet using password.

Media representatives from APEC economies but residing overseas and media representatives from non-APEC economies may send their application forms to the Media Taskforce (Shanghai) by express mail or registered mail. They may as well apply to Chinese Embassies, Consulates or Commissioner's Offices of Chinese Foreign Ministry in Hong Kong and Macao.

Foreign Media representatives residing in China should send their application forms directly to the Media Taskforce (Shanghai) by express mail or registered mail.

Media application for accreditation must be accompanied by a letter of assignment from the editor or a news executive from his/her respective media organization. Applications without an accompanying signed letter of assignment will not be processed.

Please complete and return the Accreditation Form attached in Annex B together with two passport size color photographs to the APEC Media Taskforce (Shanghai) no later than 31 August 2001.

Accreditation Office

Media Taskforce (Shanghai)
China Secretariat For APEC 2001
Oriental Pearl Radio & TV Tower
No. 1 Century Avenue, Pu Dong
Shanghai, CHINA 200002
Tel: +86- 21- 50496117 or 50496118
Fax: +86- 21- 50496116

Economies are requested to advise the Media Taskforce (Shanghai) for APEC 2001 of the name and contact details of their official media representatives attached to delegations as soon as possible but no later than the time of their Advance Visit (late August). Such information should be sent to the Media Taskforce of China Secretariat (address as above).

Collection of Media ID Cards

Media should collect their APEC Media ID card from the Media Accreditation Office of the IMC. Please bring with you photographic proof of identity, for example a passport, driver's license or media identification card. It is strongly recommended that you collect your APEC ID card as soon as possible after arrival. Media who have not pre-registered may face delays while their application is processed.

With prior arrangement, a senior representative of a media group (Economy's Media Officer, EMO) may pick up media accreditation cards on behalf of the group.

4. Accommodation

The China Secretariat has recommended 10 hotels (See Annex C) in Shanghai for media representatives wishing to cover the APEC meetings. As October is the peak tourist season in Shanghai and available accommodation will be under pressure, media representatives are kindly requested to make their own bookings directly with the hotels as soon as possible. The hotels will make special arrangements for the media to facilitate their work. Accommodation cannot be guaranteed for those who make late requests.

Media which are part of the official delegations have also been advised of the arrangements of accommodation which have been set aside for them by the Office for Conference Service of China Secretariat. Media should therefore first check with the appropriate officials in their economies to avoid duplication in accommodation bookings.

5. Host Broadcaster

China Central Television (CCTV) has been appointed as Host Broadcaster for the various events and will provide client broadcasters international quality signals of designated key events at the AELM, along with other facilities and services available through the Rate Card.

For further information on Host Broadcaster and Rate Card services please contact:

Media Taskforce (Shanghai)
China Secretariat For APEC 2001
Room 211, Office Wing
Hotel Equatorial

65 Yan?an Road West
Shanghai, CHINA 200040
Tel +86- 21- 6249 0220
Fax +86- 21- 6249 0219

6. Passports/ Visas

All media representatives are required to possess a valid passport or other applicable travel documents. Foreign media representatives except those already accredited in China are required to apply for a temporary journalist visa. The media representatives from Hong Kong, China and Chinese Taipei holding valid applicable permits are required to go through the relevant formalities before entry.

7. Customs Clearance Requirements

Media representatives bringing equipment into China should complete the Declaration of Media Equipment for Customs Entry ( See Annex D). Those who would take radio equipment into China, please also fill in the attached Declaration of Radio Equipment for Customs Entry ( See Annex D). Please list the detailed inventory including item, model, serial number, quantity and value of the equipment in the Declaration Form, and indicate whether all the equipment will be carried as passenger's baggage or imported as cargoes that need a broker for customs clearance.

The Declaration should be endorsed by the Media Taskforce of China Secretariat for APEC 2001. Please complete and return the Declaration Form NO LATER THAN 31 AUGUST 2001 to the following address:

Accreditation Office
Media Taskforce (Shanghai)
China Secretariat For APEC 2001
Oriental Pearl Radio & TV Tower
No. 1 Century Avenue, Pu Dong
Shanghai, CHINA 200002
Tel: +86- 21- 50496117 or 50496118
Fax: +86- 21- 50496116

Please note that Shanghai International Convention & Exhibition Corp. Ltd. has been appointed as official Customs Broker to facilitate the clearance of the declared goods. After the Declaration is endorsed, if needed, media could contact the corporation directly at the following address:

Shanghai International Convention & Exhibition Corp. Ltd.
Room 505, Office Wing
Hotel Equatorial
65 Yan'an Rd West
Shanghai, CHINA 200040
Tel: +86- 21- 6248 0123
Fax: +86- 21- 6248 4488

8. Transportation

The China Secretariat will provide free transportation between the Pudong Airport, Hongqiao Airport and the 10 recommended hotels for the media representatives, and free shuttle buses between the hotels and the IMC. For media pools, the Secretariat will provide free shuttle buses between the IMC and the meeting venues.

Media could also make their own transport arrangement (see Annex E for List of Car Rental Agents which you may contact directly).

9. Telecommunications

Shanghai Telecom Corporation (Shanghai Telecom) and Shanghai Mobile Communications Corporation (Shanghai Mobile), as the designated suppliers of telecommunications services to the APEC meeting, will provide technical resources on-site for the duration of the APEC meeting. Shanghai Telecom and Shanghai Mobile will provide solutions to any technical or communications problems that the media may encounter, or any training service the media may need for the equipment they have provided.

As we expect high demands for services and products at the time of the meetings, please check the detailed information through Rate Card and ensure the Order Forms (see Annex F1, F2) are forwarded by 15 July 2001 to the following address:

Media Taskforce (Shanghai)
China Secretariat for APEC 2001
Room 211, Office Wing
Hotel Equatorial
65 Yan'an Road West
Shanghai, CHINA 20040
Tel: +86-21- 6249 0220
Fax: +86- 21- 6249 0219

10. General Information

Brief Introduction to China and Shanghai

China is situated in the eastern part of Asia, on the west coast of the Pacific ocean. It has a total land area of 9.6 million square kilometers, next only to Russia and Canada. China's land border is 22,800 kilometers long. The coast of the mainland, 18,000 kilometers long, is dotted with excellent harbours and ports.

Being the largest city with a population of 13.45 million, Shanghai is China's financial, commercial and ocean transportation centre. In the 1990's, the city of Shanghai has witnessed an economic boom, and is increasingly becoming the head of the dragon of the economies along the Yangtze River. In the last decade, Shanghai has undergone a face-lift of its public transport system and old buildings. During this period, a batch of landmark architectures have been built such as the Oriental Pearl Tower, Jin Mao Tower, Shanghai Museum, Shanghai Grand Theater and Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Hall.

Climate: With a pleasant northern subtropical maritime monsoon climate, Shanghai enjoys four distinct seasons, generous sunshine and abundant rainfall every year.

In October, Shanghai's autumnal weather is generally fine, warm and comfortable. The average temperature is 23 degrees Celsius.

Currency Regulations

No restrictions are imposed on the amount of foreign currency, travellers' checks, credit cards to be brought into China. However, non-residents carrying more than 5,000US dollars or equivalent in cash should declare to the Customs.

Most internationally recognized currencies and travellers' checks can be exchanged easily at commercial banks, hotels and international airports. Normal banking hours are from 0900 to 1700. Major credit cards are accepted in many hotels, restaurants and major shopping complexes.

Medical Arrangements

Medical facilities will be available to media for the duration of the APEC meeting.

Media representatives should make appropriate arrangements for insurance to cover emergency medical, surgical or hospital expenses.

Electricity Supply

The electricity power supply in China is 220 - 240 volts, 50 hertz. Hotels frequently provide separate sockets (with 110 or 220-volt supply) for electric razors only.

Postal Service

Post Offices generally open from 0800 to 1800. There is a post office in the International Media Centre.

Airport Tax

The airport tax is 90 RMB Yuan each person for international flight and 50 RMB Yuan each person for domestic flight.


Beijing Standard Time is 8 hours ahead of GMT.



Time Difference with Beijing Standard Time



+4 hours

Brunei Darussalam

Bandar Seri Begawan

+0 hours



-12 hours



-13 hours

People's Republic of China


+0 hour

Hong Kong, China

Hong Kong

+0 hour



-1 hour



+1 hour

Republic of Korea


+1 hour


Kuala Lumpur

+0 hour


Mexico City

-13 hours

New Zealand


+4 hours

Papua New Guinea

Port Moresby

+2 hours



-11 hours

The Philippines


+0 hour



-4 hours



+0 hour

Chinese Taipei


+0 hour



-1 hour

United States of America


-13 hours

Viet Nam


+0 hour

11. Websites

APEC 2001 official website: www.apec-china.org.cn

Other relevant websites:
www. fmprc.gov.cn