President Xi Jinping of the People’s Republic of China spoke at the 2020 APEC CEO Dialogues Malaysia 2020, which were streamed live on 19 November.

Below are 21 excerpts from his remarks, in which he talks about the importance of being open and of cooperation among Asia-Pacific economies, especially in the fight against COVID-19.

On the Asia-Pacific community and importance of opening up

  1. “Indeed, our world is an indivisible community with a shared future.”
  2. “The Asia-Pacific is our shared home. To sustain peace, stability, development and prosperity in the region meets the interests of us all.”
  3. “Openness enables a country to move forward, while seclusion holds it back. In today’s world where economic globalization has become an irreversible trend, no country can develop itself by keeping its doors closed.”
  4. “China is committed to opening-up, which is its fundamental policy, a policy that will not change at any time.”
  5. “As Asia-Pacific economies are connected by the same ocean, we benefit from close interactions between our peoples and geographic proximity.”
  6. “Last year, I proposed building an Asia-Pacific community with a shared future featuring openness, inclusiveness, innovation-driven growth, greater connectivity and mutually beneficial cooperation. This year, thanks to participation of all economies concerned, the APEC post-2020 vision has been formulated, which sets out ambitious goals and important guidelines for our future cooperation. Let us not forget that we are a community with a common stake and let us move toward closer regional economic integration.”
  7. “We need to accelerate innovation-driven growth, enhance regional connectivity, and realize inclusive and sustainable development. Step by step, we can surely turn our vision into reality and deliver a better life for people in the region.”

    On cooperation against the pandemic

  8. “This is an unusual time in history for humanity. The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated changes unseen in a century in the world. The global economy finds itself into deep recession, its industrial and supply chains are disrupted, and governance, trust, development and peace deficits continue to grow.”
  9. “Meeting challenges through cooperation is the only way forward for us in the international community. This pandemic once again shows that the interests of all countries are closely interwoven, and that humankind shares a common stake.”
  10. “To beat the virus and promote global recovery, we in the international community must close ranks and jointly respond to this crisis and meet the test.”
  11. “All countries should act in the spirit of partnership and get through this tough time together. We need to step up policy communication and coordination, intensify all-round global cooperation against COVID-19 and keep global economy open. By doing so, we can defeat the virus at an early date and achieve robust, sustainable, balanced and inclusive growth for all.”
  12. “We should follow market trends, seize opportunities created by economic globalization and regional economic integration and become forerunners driving global growth.”
  13. “The development of the Asia-Pacific and greater economic cooperation in our region represent an underlying historical trend, and such development and cooperation will continue to be imbued with strong vitality, because they respond to the call of the people in our region.”

    Addressing the Asia-Pacific business community

  14. “The Asia-Pacific business community is an engine driving economic growth. You have witnessed development and cooperation in our region; and indeed, you have contributed to it every step on the way. You have an important role to play in shaping the future of our region, and there is no doubt you will benefit from its development.”
  15. “Asia-Pacific cooperation has entered a new historical stage at a time when the world is facing multiple challenges.”
  16. “The business community needs a broader vision, greater resilience and stronger entrepreneurship. With them, I am sure you will create greater prospects for business development.”
  17. “I hope you will contribute your share to promoting openness and development. You may work to advance trade and investment liberalization and facilitation, and ensure the security and stability of industrial and supply chains of our region; and your work will enable the Asia-Pacific to take the lead in achieving economic recovery and prosperity.
  18. “I hope you will explore innovation-driven growth. You may take bold steps to pursue organizational, technological and market innovations; that will make the Asia-Pacific a fertile ground for scientific breakthroughs and a pacesetter for innovation.”
  19. “I hope you will be partners for achieving win-win cooperation. You may tap fully into the potential for cooperation and make the pie of cooperation even bigger for all our people to benefit from.”
  20. “I hope you will actively fulfill your social responsibilities. You may all play active parts in the international fight against COVID-19 and do more to help disadvantaged groups to add more momentum to global development.”

    And in closing and in sum

  21. “The day will come when we finally beat COVID-19 and win victory in this fight. Let us work in solidarity and weather the storm together. Let us stay true to openness and cooperation and make development and circulations at home and overseas reinforce each other. Together, we can surely deliver a brighter future for all of us, both here in the Asia-Pacific and across the world!”