Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev delivered remarks in front of local and visiting members of the business community in Port Moresby on Saturday, during a two-day summit that brings together the region’s leaders and the private sector ahead of the APEC Economic Leaders' Meeting.

The digital revolution

  1. “It’s opening immense opportunities, but it also has potential threats just like any other revolution. That is, deeper inequality between people and between countries, growing unemployment, intrusion in private life of people. We do not have a universal recipe right now, but we have to look for one.”
  2. “Digital solutions are becoming the key factor of improving competitiveness of states’ economic growth and improving the life of people.”
  3. “We have to develop national strategies of forming technological markets of the future and to have one terms-and-definitions list.”
  4. “We believe it will be incorrect to think only about digital trade. It is important and we all do that. But strictly speaking digital should enter all spheres, and only then can we have truly comprehensive development. It is in all of our interest.”

    Infrastructure connectivity in the region

  5. “It takes just one look at the world map to see what vast distances separate our countries. On the other hand, this does not hold back our nations from learning from each other better, developing cooperation in science and in culture. And it proves yet again that no matter the distance, it would not hold back those who would strive to have good relations. Still, to trade successfully, to invest successfully there is a need for transport infrastructure and to build logistics chains.”

    Women in the workforce

  6. “On the number of women in top management positions in business, we hold quite good positions. Right now, women hold about half of CFO posts and almost 30 per cent of HR and internal audit services. More than one-third of small enterprises are also headed by women in our country. And in that regard, we believe that our direction is the right one.”

    The fundamental principles of APEC

  7. “I am positive that our forum is capable of solving any issues to ensure sustainable, well balanced and innovative growth in the interest of prosperity of our common region. Relying on the fundamental principles of APEC, regardless of geopolitical climate—we will all benefit from that.”