Human Resources Development Working Group

The goal of human resources development in APEC is to promote the well-being of all people and achieve sustainable and inclusive economic growth in the region.

The Human Resources Development Working Group (HRDWG), established in 1990, has played an important role in building the region’s human capacity and achieving this goal.

The HRDWG implements initiatives on education, labor and capacity building to develop human resources. It derives its mandate from APEC Leaders and Ministers as well as Labor and Education Ministers. The group’s mission is to share knowledge, experience, and skills to strengthen human resource development and promote sustainable economic growth.

The HRDWG conducts its projects through three networks:

  • Capacity Building Network (CBN)
  • Education Network (EDNET)
  • Labour and Social Protection Network (LSPN).

The following objectives guide the three HRDWG networks in achieving the HRDWG’s mission:

  • Develop 21st Century Knowledge and Skills For All
  • Integrate HRD into the Global Economy
  • Address the Social Dimensions of Globalization.

Recognizing that human resources development is a cross-cutting issue, the HRDWG has been coordinating with several APEC working groups including the Committee on Trade and Investment (CTI), the Economic Committee (EC), the Small and Medium Enterprises Working Group (SMEWG), the Emergency Preparedness Working Group (EPWG), and the APEC Business Advisory Council (ABAC).

Points of collaboration include building human capital for business sectors; implementing the APEC New Strategy for Structural Reform (ANSSR); conducting disaster reduction education; and conducting skills mapping research exercises in the APEC region.

The HRDWG also cooperates with other international organizations such as the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization (SEAMEO) in the areas of labor and social protection and foreign language education and training.

Last page update: 24 October 2016

Current Activities


HRDWG is currently headed by the Acting Deputy Lead Shepherd, Ms. Ksenia Elovskih (Russia) 

Main Progress of 2016 

    √ Endorsed the APEC Labour Mobility Framework and agreed to Australia submitting the draft framework to SOM3 for consideration and directions by Senior Officials. 
    √ Endorsed the APEC Framework for Youth Education, Employment and Entrepreneurship. 
    √ Agreed to discuss the documents for the 6thAEMM.
    √ Adopted the Joint Statement for the 6th AEMM
    √ Adopted the paragraphs for the Leader’ Declaration
    √ Adopted the APEC Education Strategy
    Ongoing Activities:
    √ Agreed to submit amendments to the HRDWG TOR intersessionally.
    √ Agreed to start working on the HRDWG Strategic Plan 2016-2020. A Draft Committee was establish for that.
    √ Agreed to revise the draft responses to the Independent Assessment recommendations (2014)

2016 HRDWG Meetings:

  1. 38th Human Resources Development Working Group; Arequipa, Peru, May 7-10 2016
  2. 39th Human Resources Development Working Group; Lima, Peru, August 20, 2016
  3. 40th Human Resources Development Working Group; Lima, Peru, October 4, 2016    

Joint Meeting:

√ HRDWG and PPSTI (Lima, Peru, 16 August 2016). It was chaired by Ms Ksenia Elovskih, HRDWG DLS and Mr. Linhao Chen, PPSTI Chair.

The Joint meeting was focused in 2 main subjects:
1) Cross-cutting issues and how to manage it and synergy Projects.
2) Advancing on Cross-Border education and Inter-University Collaboration. Under these subjects member economies made presentations on cross-cutting issues projects for synergy engagement.

Workshops during the HRDWG Meetings:

  1. Workshop on Youth Strategies: Arequipa, Peru, May 09 2016. The Workshop was chaired by Mr. Meng-Liang Tsai, CBN coordinator; Ms. Kuei-Yen Liao, deputy CBN coordinator; and Mr. Malcolm Greening, LSPN coordinator. Members from 15 economies attended the workshop. Representatives from ABAC, ILO, OECD and RMIT University were also present. The presentations were focus on holistic overview of youth strategies.
  2. Workshop on Integrating STEM Competencies in Education: Lima, Peru, August 18-19 2016.  The workshop was led by Peru and it was under the APEC Project “Identification of relevant experiences regarding mechanisms to integrate STEM in education and the promotion of STEM Learning Communities” (HRD 09 2016S) by Peru. The event raised awareness about the need to equip people with the required skills to innovate, solve complex problems and think creatively.
  3. Symposium on Human Resources Development - Towards a Sustainable, Inclusive and Productive Development (EC- HRDWG Joint Meeting): Lima, Peru 19 August 2016. The workshop highlighted the relationship between structural reform and human capital development, with emphasis in education and labour.
  4. Symposium on Strategies for Strengthening Employability Soft Skills - Facilitating Quality Growth through Upskilling: Lima, Peru, October 03, 2016.  It was led by Peru and highlighted the development of soft skills and its importance for economies. Also referred to cases studies and best practices on soft skills development for job competences and career planning, and for facilitating quality growth through upskilling.

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Human Resources Development

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