Budget and Management Committee

The Budget and Management Committee (BMC) advises the Senior Officials' Meeting (SOM) on budgetary, administrative and managerial issues. Its key responsibility is to prepare the budget for APEC and approve and recommend APEC funding for projects.

The BMC also monitors and evaluates APEC's project management systems. It takes decisions and makes recommendations to senior officials to improve project efficiency and effectiveness. It also works closely with APEC's other committees to ensure projects remain relevant to APEC's core goals and objectives.

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Last page update: September 2021

Current Activities

  • The BMC had its second meeting on 27 August 2021, hosted by New Zealand virtually.  The BMC continues to oversee the implementation of the Secretariat’s Process Modernisation Initiative and its Human Resources Review.  The BMC also endorsed the 2022 Secretariat Account budget and received the 2020 audited financial statements of the Secretariat. 
  • On project management, the BMC has endorsed the revised recommendations to improve project quality, based on the outcomes of the 2019 Longer-Term Evaluation of APEC Projects.
  • The BMC has endorsed its 2021 Work Plan at its first meeting held on 2 March 2021. The BMC will continue to follow its substantial work program on the APEC funding position, the budgetary and related processes of the Secretariat, and the implementation of key project management reforms. The BMC will also provide input into the Committee sub-fora assessment process and the implementation plan of the APEC Putrajaya Vision 2040, where necessary.

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Budget and Management Committee

In response to COVID-19, the Project Management Unit (PMU) is working closely with Project Overseers (POs) in APEC economies to ensure that all proposed projects support regional recovery by addressing impacts of the pandemic. PMU is also assisting POs to convert projects scheduled for 2020 and 2021 into virtual or hybrid events – necessary due to ongoing travel restrictions in APEC economies. This ensures that APEC economies can continue to deliver quality projects, despite the challenging environment.

Budget and Management Committee

In 2020, BMC approved funding for 118 projects that were submitted by APEC member economies, at a total value of US$12.5 million.

Budget and Management Committee

In 2019, BMC approved funding for 116 projects that were submitted by APEC member economies, at a total value of US$13.1 million.


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