• 07 - 08 Oct HRDWG

    HRD 04 2016A - Workshop: DARE (Data Analytics Raising Employment): An Employer Driven Approach to Prepare the Youth for a Data Driven Future

    Hong Kong, China

  • 08 - 10 Oct OFWG

    Exchange of Experience to Add Value to Organic Waste from Small-scale Fisheries and Aquaculture to Enhance Food Security

    Coquimbo, Chile

  • 09 - 10 Oct SCSC

    APEC FSCF PTIN Workshop on Maximum Residue Limits Harmonization (SCSC 03 2018S)

    Brisbane, Australia

  • 10 - 11 Oct SCSC

    APEC Wine Regulatory Forum Meeting (M CTI 01 2013A)

    Honolulu, United States

  • 11 - 12 Oct SCSC

    Second Expert Workshop on Trade Facilitation through Harmonisation of Import Maximum Residue Limits for Pesticides - Development of Two Implementation Tools (SCSC 05 2017S)

    Brisbane, Australia

  • 15 Oct FMP

    Senior Finance Officials’ Meeting (SFOM)

    Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea

  • 16 Oct FMP

    Finance and Central Banks Deputies Meeting (FCBDM)

    Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea

  • 17 - 22 Oct OFWG

    APEC Training Workshop on Marine Sustainable Fisheries Development

    Qingdao, China

  • 17 Oct FMP

    Finance Ministers Meeting (FMM)

    Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea

  • 20 Oct SCSC

    APEC FSCF PTIN Workshop on Dairy Export Certification (SCSC 07 2017S)

    Brisbane, Australia

  • 29 - 30 Oct OFWG

    Our Ocean Conference

    Bali, Indonesia


    Transportation Working Group Meeting

    Lima, Peru


    55th Energy Working Group and Associated Meetings

    Lima, Peru


    53th Tourism Working Group Meeting


  • 29 Oct - 02 Nov HRDWG

    HRDWG - APEC e-Learning Training (AeLT) Program Senior-level Educational Policy-makers Workshop

    Seoul, Korea