🥇 1st Place
🥈 2nd Place
🥉 3rd Place
Papua New Guinea
Viet Nam
Crystal Kewe and Jonathan Kewe
Kelly Benson and Venus Izadi
Ngô Minh Quốc Hưng and Nguyễn Đức Hiệp
Biluminous indexes individual artisans and bilum cooperatives and aggregates bilum cultural knowledge onto an integrated platform for the global buying market. It generates profiles for individual artisans and groups, preserves and orgainizes design patterns, and allows for integration with a range of e-commerce solutions.
Bilum Original connects buyers and makers of bilums through a dynamic matchmaking algorithm connected to a simple SMS interface for sellers. The platform provides greater transparency through the bilum supply chain and increases weavers' income generation opportunities. Unicraft is a blockchain-enabled platform that identifies artisans, verifies the provenance of bilums, and shares the personal stories of the sellers with buyers from all over the world. By storing each bilum artisan's certificates of authenticity on a blockchain, Unicraft allows for permanent and universally accessible verification of unique handicraft products.


Bilum AR
Bilum Stori
Sriram Ramasamy and Muhammad Bin Lokman (Malaysia)
Austin Polin and Alois Napitalai (Papua New Guinea)
David Chen and Willie Meck (Papua New Guinea)

Bilum Mamas
Bilum Bot
Gabriel Billones and Mark Colentava (The Philippines)
Issaret Prachitmutita and Nichcha Jobhimmawet (Thailand)