It is essential for business people engaged in trade and investment to be able to move easily and quickly throughout the region. APEC Member Economies recognise this and have developed a range of solutions and policy measures to facilitate business travel.

APEC Business Travel Handbook is a practical tool which provides a quick reference guide to the visa and entry requirements of APEC Member Economies. It lists the basic eligibility criteria and procedures for applying for visas and the terms and conditions that apply to business travelers. This information is provided for both short-term business visits and temporary residence for business people in APEC Member Economies. The electronic Handbook also provides contact details for the embassies, consulates and other visa-issuing agencies of each member economy. The handbook is maintained by the Business Mobility Group.

The information in this Handbook remains the sole responsibility of the respective APEC Member Economies. The APEC Secretariat itself has no responsibility for its accuracy or comprehensiveness. The Handbook is updated as new information is provided by the Member Economies. Additional or more detailed information on individual economies' visa laws and regulations can be obtained through their overseas diplomatic missions and central immigration agencies.

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